Find the Renaissance Woman in you.

       Renaissance - literally means “rebirth”, modern history, a cultural movement, a resurgence of learning based on classical sources. A technique of rendering a more natural reality.

               I studiedclassical art and earned my Master’s degree in Sculpture & Painting at Boston University. In art school models are nude. True models, not as social media defines “models.” They are everyday people, young and old, different shapes and sizes, and even vulnerable and awkward at times.

                              As young artists we were challenged to see the hidden beauty in ordinary people; to convey to the viewers that our subject matter was unique. What separates ones artist’s work from another is the ability to humanize emotions, bring life into your subject without movement.

               My best work often took place by being still, waiting for the model to relax into the pose. Walking around to see the angle that revealed the most expression of the person. As a photographer I approach my work in the same way. It is second nature to me now.

               The image I created on this page was no different. Women especially want to look and feel beautiful but they themselves do not know how to express it. Rightfully so. True beauty is an inward quality that just has to be brought out. I love showing the beauty in every person I photograph. It may not always look the same, but it should not because we are all unique.

Find the Renaissance Woman in you.