All images are retouched and printed on archival papers from one of the top professional labs in the country. Prints have a lifetime warranty with proper framing, storage and care. 

Price List

Session Retainer Fee

In studio or on location up to six family members $250.00 with $125.00 credit towards the purchase of your prints. Extended Family Sessions (more than six people) $250.00.

Full session retainer fee is required at the time of booking in order to hold your scheduled day of the photo shoot

*Retouching and enhancements are billed in 15 minute intervals at $25.00 per 15 minutes

*Reprints are available at any time; please note however, the above prices are only valid for

four months from date of session

*Headswaps $35.00

*All photos posted on site will be available for 2 weeks. An additional two weeks of posting is available with a $25.00 re-posting fee

*In-house shipping charges are included on prints and canvases 30 inches and smaller

*Album creation fee is $500.00, non-refundable. Album creation fee will be credited towards the purchase of your album if ordered within 14 days of review.

* Standard canvas is constructed similar to the old master's craftsmanship. Originally tacks were used to stretch the canvas around the sides of the stretcher frame. Modern times, staples have replaced the use of tacks. Standard canvas prints are made to be framed and not stand alone. My lab takes it a step further and adheres a strong piece of cardboard on the back of the stretcher frame to protect your canvas for a lifetime. 

                        Prints                Canvas                              Gallery Wrapped Canvas

30x40         $700.00               $950.00                            1.5 inch depth - $1,100.00

                                                                                                       2.5 inch depth - $1,600.00

20x30         $500.00               $750.00                             1.5 inch depth - $950.00

                                                                                                        2.5 inch depth - $1,095.00

20x24          $385.00              $535.00                              1.5 inch depth - $680.00

                                                                                                          2.5 inch depth - $850.00

16x20            $250.00              $385.00                             1.5 inch depth - $550.00

                                                                                                          2.5 inch depth - $650.00

11x14             $125.00                 $275.00                             1.5 inch depth - $350.00

                                                                                                           2.5 inch depth - $450.00

8x10               $55.00                 $140.00                              1.5 inch depth - $240.00

                                                                                                            2.5 inch depth - $310.00

5x7                 $35.00

Wallets(8)       $30.00

Triptic            $350.00                     $475.00                       1.5 inch depth - $ 640.00

*Only Visa and MasterCard  and Discover accepted. Please note that any credit card payments will incur an additional 2.5% service fee

Slim Line Greeting Cards               Digital Note Cards Customized

First 25                $50.00                          Additional

Additional 25      $40.00                          Additional

ONE sided cards / ONE image, Slim lines that are printed on photographic paper. Cards size is a 4x8 card. Slim line cards are $50.00 for the first 25 cards. Second set of 25 cards are $40.00.

Slim lines can be customized to fill the entire card with a personal greeting at the bottom or top of card at no additional charge.

Custom Cards - Cards are printed on a on a beautiful heavy classic felt paper.

$50.00 Non-Refundable Retainer Fee

Retainter Fee must be paid in full before design and set up, the $50.00 retainer fee will be deducted from the final card order. 

TWO sided 4x8 cards are $2.28 per card (ONLY 28 cents more a card) for the first 50 cards. Second set $1.98 for each set of 25. Envelops are 10 cents a piece.

5 x 7 Flat Cards (One Side) $2.50 each for the first set of 50 cards. TWO Sided 5x7  Flat Cards are $2.75 each for the first set of 50 cards. Second set of cards are $2.25 (One Side) for each set of 25. Second set of cards (Two Sided) are $2.50 for each set of 25. Envelopes are 10 cents each. Return address labels are an additional 20 cents per envelope. 

Card Set Up and Art Work Fees:

If you choose an image or images that have already been purchased as a print, art work and design fees are waived.

If you choose an image that was not previously ordered there is a $35.00 art fee (Photoshop touch ups) per image.

For all purchased cards above design fee is included with up to, two design changes.

Additional design changes, such as (greeting, font, font color, design layout, touch ups etc.) There will be an additional 15.00 per request.